Business Barbados 2018 - page 74

Barbados is a well-regulated domicile that
offers a diverse range of investment
opportunities, supported by attractive
incentives, a secure legal framework and a
robust financial infrastructure. The strength
of our banking system owes much to the
deep foundations established by leading
international banks, Canadians in particular,
operating here for over 100 years. It is of
great credit to Barbados that not one bank
was impacted by the mortgage decoupling
experienced by most of the western world
during the financial crisis. That level of
stability has also helped Barbados become
a significant domicile in the insurance
market. Potential investors are further
encouraged by the presence in Barbados of
the ‘Big 4’ accounting firms, offering audit,
tax and advisory services of the highest
international standards.
Sir Geoffrey Cave is currently Non-
Executive Chairman of Cave Shepherd &
Co. Limited. Sir Geoffrey also chairs the
Boards of associates, DGM Financial Group,
Duty Free Caribbean (Holdings) Ltd and
Signia Finanical Group Inc.; as well as
subsidiaries, Fortress Fund Managers
Limited and Fortress Caribbean Property
Fund Limited, SCC.
Sir Geoffrey
Barbados Offers Investors
a Robust Financial
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