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Massimo Franchi at home
My advice to expatriates coming to live
in Barbados is to always keep an open
mind and absorb what the country has to
offer. It’s only natural that it can be hard to
break into social circles in a small island
where everybody knows each other, so,
just persevere. Prove to them that you can
integrate. Or, better still, add something to
the community and help the country. And
don’t just stick with the expats, get out
there and mix with all types of people.
When you scratch beneath the surface,
this little country has so much depth.
Being involved in so many cultural
activities has opened up numerous doors
for me, providing an unbeatable range of
entertainment options. And, as an offshoot
of the Open House Programme, I was
invited to join the Council of the Barbados
National Trust, which has exposed me to
yet another rewarding aspect of life in
Barbados. Keeping fit and healthy is a
events, private dinner parties, weddings
and jazz nights. It’s a good way to let the
house live and breathe. Clifton Hall is an
iconic building, but it is really all about
people. The house needs to be occupied
by appreciative guests. One of my ideas
for the future is to rent out two or three
rooms in the manner of an English country
house Bed & Breakfast, but with the added
advantage of an idyllic location in the
beautiful Barbados countryside.
Helped tremendously by Richard Seale,
of R.L. Seale and Foursquare Distillery, I
also started selling Clifton Hall branded
rum. That first attempt has progressed so
well that we are now developing a Clifton
Hall 12 Year Old Plantation Rum. Barbados
produces superb rum, so I’m delighted
that the top local brands are finally getting
the international recognition they deserve,
alongside the finest Scottish whiskies and
French cognacs.
Moving to Barbados Is Good for You
daily habit on this island, and I feel blessed
to be able to swim, run and play golf in
such ideal conditions. I’ve even just taken
up surfing. Another healthy aspect of
everyday life in Barbados is that it is easy
to eat well. Apart from a wide range of
really good restaurants, there is an
abundant supply of fresh food, including
unbeatable fish and seafood. And there’s
nothing like starting the day with a
smoothie blended from fruit picked off
your own trees.
It has been an arduous 20-year journey
to get to where I am today, involving
plenty of personal sacrifice, but that only
underscores the value of what Barbados
has done for me. Life is all about balance,
and living here allows me to manage my
business affairs efficiently, while still
enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Moving to
Barbados has afforded me a sense of inner
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