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In any democratic country, the
administration of justice is central to social
stability and economic and business
development. The modern foundations of
the administration of justice in Barbados
were laid in the colonial era of 1956 when a
new network of magistrates’ courts was
legislated and a Supreme Court of
Judicature was created.
During the succeeding years embracing
the post independence period, the
infrastructure of the administration of
justice was further developed and
Barbados now boasts of a separate Court
of Appeal, and an impressive Supreme
Court complex equipped with
contemporary, state of the art technology.
However, notwithstanding problems of
delay and backlog, which afflict most
Commonwealth jurisdictions, it is a matter
of distinct pride that Barbados' judicial
officers have historically earned the highest
reputation for fairness and incorruptibility.
These men and women have contributed
handsomely to the protection of the
Constitution and human rights, the
maintenance of democratic principles and
values, and the maintenance of social
stability in our small Island.
Sir David Simmons is a graduate of the
London School of Economics and Political
Science, a Barrister-at- Law and Honorary
Bencher of Lincoln's Inn. A highly successful
Queen's Counsel of the Barbados Bar, Sir
David played a leading role in the
establishment of the Caribbean Court of
Justice and was the first Chairman of the
Regional Judicial Services Commission of
that Court. He was twice Attorney General
of Barbados (1985-86) and (1994-2001);
Chief Justice of Barbados (2002-2010);
Chairman of Commissions of Enquiry in
Trinidad& Tobago (2011-2014) and Jamaica
(2015-2016). He is currently Chairman of
the Integrity and Judicial Service
Commissions of the Turks
and Caicos Islands.
Sir David
The Administration of
Justice in Barbados
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