Business Barbados 2018 - page 28

Sir Trevor
Barbados, in spite of present economic
challenges, remains a premier location for
the conduct of international business. It is
caressed by a climate of professional and
infrastructural certainty matched by its
participation in many international treaties
and conventions. To the international
investor, it gives a sense of security that
adequate protection is present in the
jurisdiction; and furthermore, it engenders
a sense of welcome to legitimate
internationally mobile capital. The old-time
calypso tells us Rum, sweet rum, when you
call, Ah bound to come …. Barbados’
international business sector today strives
to maintain its global appeal in the same
way that its rum has successfully guarded
its mid seventeenth century global
pioneering presence.
Dr. Sir Trevor Austin Carmichael, K.A., LVO,
Q.C., is a pioneer in the development of
Barbados’ international business sector. He
is a Panel Member of the International
Centre for Settlement of Investment
Disputes of the World Bank in Washington;
a Certified Arbitrator within the
International Conference of Museums; and
Patron of the President’s Council of the
Emerging Leaders’ Dialogues Canada.
Barbados is an Attractive
Jurisdiction for International
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