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An enduring legacy of Barbados is its
vociferous attachment to the importance of
educational institutions in the creation of
sophisticated civil society in the nation
building process. While, for most of the
colonial period, access to formal education
was trickled to the minority social elite, the
social majority have made their greatest
single cultural investment in the pursuit of
professional training, skills development
and academic opportunities. An outcome
of this long commitment has been the
establishment of the nation's reputation
as a Caribbean Centre of educational
Forty years of fully funded public access
to primary, secondary and tertiary
education produced national skills and
mind sets that underpinned the radical
transformation of the economy, and
corresponding social and political
sophistication within the democratic ethos
and ethic.
The role of the University of the West
Indies, Cave Hill Campus, the premier
tertiary institution on the island, has been
to promote, facilitate, fashion and forge the
national human resource into a vehicle for
progressive movement into the future. In
collaboration with schools and colleges, the
campus has, in addition, worked closely
with the private sector to create pathways
to invite international capital and promote
national investment. The result has been
social and entrepreneurial leaders
committed to sustaining the requirements
of economic development, while
simultaneously building civil and civic
capacity for political stability and
institutional resilience.
Professor Sir Hilary Beckles is Vice-
Chancellor of The University of the West
Indies. He is an internationally reputed
historian, prolific writer, expert strategist in
higher education and a founding member
of Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s Science
Advisory Board on sustainable
development. Sir Hilary, who als
o serves in
multiple roles in the Caribb
ean private
sector, has received n
umerous, international
Sir Hilary
Barbados is a Caribbean
Centre of Educational
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