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The construction industry in Barbados is
well-regulated and bound by laws of
contract that are based on British law. Our
professionals are well trained and highly
qualified, and thanks to the diverse variety
of projects undertaken, they have also
acquired vast experience. In recent years,
investors in the highly successful tourism
and international business sectors have
demanded an increasingly sophisticated
level of vacation accommodation, luxury
residences, contemporary office space and
industrial facilities, which has driven our
local companies to attain standards that
comply with the highest international
benchmarks. The end result is that several
Barbadian owned and operated companies
have developed a ‘first world’ level of
knowledge and technical expertise, which
has enabled them to successfully deliver
world-class houses, hotels, lifestyle resorts,
commercial properties, golf courses, sports
facilities, marinas, airports, and more, not
only in Barbados, but around the
Caribbean. International investors can
safely assume that Barbados can provide
them with high quality construction and
development services.
Starting with a single tractor, Sir Charles
Williams built C.O. Williams Construction
into one of the most respected civil
engineering and highway construction
companies in the Caribbean. A successful
entrepreneur, avid polo player and
fisherman, Sir Charles was knighted in
2000 for outstanding contributions in
construction, farming and sports. He was
awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws by
the University of the West Indies in 2003. In
2017, he received the Hurlingham Polo
Association Lifetime Achievement Award,
the highest award in world polo.
Sir Charles
High Quality Construction
and Development Services
in Barbados
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