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Barbados has a splendid architectural
heritage, dating back to the mid-17th
century. There are more than 100 surviving
plantation great houses, seven of them
from the 17th century, including St. Nicholas
Abbey; some 75 historic churches of the
18th and 19th centuries; a Jewish
Synagogue and mikvah; a profusion of
ancient sugar mill walls, including the
Morgan Lewis restored working mill; old
forts and lighthouses; iconic wooden
‘chattel’ houses and more. But the jewel in
the crown is the historic Garrison, the finest
British colonial garrison in the world,
comprising almost 100 buildings – barrack
buildings, prison and fortified citadel on
140 acres. On June 25th 2011 Historic
Bridgetown and its Garrison was inscribed
as a UNESCO World Heritage site,
recognising our extravagance of riches.
Senator Sir Henry Fraser is Retired Dean,
Faculty of Medical Sciences, Founding
Director, Chronic Disease Research Centre,
University of the West Indies; Author of 110
peer-reviewed medical / scientific papers;
Past President, Barbados National Trust;
Sunday columnist, Public Orator, UWI,
National Public Orator, Architectural
historian, Writer, Artist, Film- maker. Many
other hats. Knighted November 2014.
Sir Henry
The Archtitectural Heritage
of Barbados – An
Extravagance of Riches
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